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Industrial Mathematics Network

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This site is to maintain the unity of the Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Mathematics family of Auckland University, New Zealand. Bachelor of Technology (Industrial Mathematics) was first introduced at Auckland University in 1993. The first graduates were in 1998.

About Industrial Mathematics

Industrial Mathematics is the area which has a unique combination among Computer Science, Management, Engineering, and Applied Sciences. The major contribution of Industrial Mathematics at The University of Auckland is in areas: Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Operation Research. The aim of industrial mathematics is to solve the day-to-day problem using the Scientific Approach and to provide options for decision making.

Career Opportunity

Industrial Mathematics is applied sciences. To date, the available options for Industrial Mathematics for Auckland University graduates are analyst (in various area including finance and business), statistician, researcher and secondary teacher.

Maintainers et. all

Peppy, Jenny, Kavi and Krisvasian

P.S.:  This site is still under heavy construction. Any inquery regarding the site just email us.